Eduard Rugina

Eduard Rugina is a Senior Planner for 21 years of professional experience in different organizations and a Mechanical Engineer by formation. After 3 years in the field, He decided to slow down a little and find a long term, fast paced and dynamic company to be a team member of NS Nordics AS, an experienced and trusted company of young and enthusiastic professionals that became quickly part of family from work, starting November 2022. Here, he regained the fast and challenging pace of working in Planning, new and dedicated team of great individuals, and a leader who is above all, a good friend, a close adviser and (as I like to say) a “milestone of Trust”.

Together , we embarked in the challenging and interesting project Beluga, a 5 building Data Centre, the biggest in Europe to date, which makes us very eager to work on every challenge it will throw at us, but also very responsible and conscious about the dimension of this new endeavor. Exciting part in it is that he being the Project Planner, responsible for all level 2-3 and 4 plans, daily and weekly schedule and one of the interfaces between Management and Execution Teams.

Now, we look forward in anticipation to every new day, that will bring us new challenges and new provoking ways of doing what we do best in Construction Planning.