Our Commitment

NS Nordics is a construction company in Norway. Our experience displays our expertise over a wide spectrum of both project types and clientele backgrounds, i.e., function, size, location, building systems, material technology, etc. We have worked with and partnered with leading engineering groups in international projects, across sectors and countries.

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Story About Us!

Our journey began with a team of three, and today, we’ve flourished into a global presence with three international offices. While our headquarters is nestled in Norway, our branches thrive in the dynamic landscapes of the UK and Asia.

Presently, we boast multiple teams spanning diverse disciplines. Our dedicated professionals include engineers of varying expertise, project managers, project planners, and qualitative and quantitative surveyors. With a robust industry presence, we’ve cultivated a collaborative network with fellow leaders, allowing us to periodically engage specialized consultants. This strategic collaboration enhances our ability to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients across a spectrum of projects.







Our Projects

Among the numerous achievements in our portfolio, here’s a brief overview of our successfully concluded projects.

How We Can Help

Whether it’s a portfolio, program, or project management; we deliver innovative approaches to ensure every project reaches its full potential with the best of resource management and profitability.

How We Work!

NS Nordics AS believes in Kaizen, and this is our work ethos. We help our clients with development,implementation, and operation of comprehensive schedule control system, including day-to-day planning activities, performance management, reporting, and the integration of schedules from internal and third-party sources into the overall project planners process for global programme of installedEV charging base.

We develop and assure integrity of the Project Level 1 and Master Control Schedule, providing post update analysis, ensuring the project teams are aware of key changes and impact to critical /near critical paths.

Our Professional Team:

  • Ensures the integrity and effectiveness of planning and progress measurements are kept at the pinnacle.
  • Provides planning support to the central Controls Leadership Team to ensure compliance with the Planning and Performance Management.
  • Provides quality assurance of detailed schedules covering activities through to the start of operations;
  • Provides quality assurance & support for planning activities of the contractors chosen to execute the program of work;
  • Ensures that schedule learning from complementary work in other Business Units and external companies is appropriately utilized;
  • Assists in developing the schedule process, system and procedures to support the program; Assess contractors and vendor’s schedule submittals for conformance with requirements;
  • Provides assurance that the contractors schedule systems interface and progress measurement is effectively implemented and consistently applied;
  • Promotes collaborative information sharing with team members and contractors.
  • Continuously improves the planning strategy, plans and procedures.
  • Ensures contractor compliance with contractual planning, scheduling and reporting.

Building a Better Future For the Next Generation

We are going to be the leading project management in Europe.

Some Brands We Work With