• Commissioning Lead

  • Lead Mechanical and Piping

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering

  • Leader and Supervisory Capabilities Training

  • Planning & Scheduling Training

  • PMC Supervisory

  • Operation and Maintenance Training

Ramel Orlance

Commissioning Lead / Lead Mechanical and Piping

Ramel Orlance, Commissioning Lead and Lead Mechanical and Piping expert, is a dynamic and proactive leader known for managing and overseeing transactions while adhering to commission rules and timelines. With a focus on staying current with project completion strategies using available resources, Ramel also excels in developing and maintaining pricing plans for new projects. He actively engages with clients to discuss and align commissioning goals and guidelines.

Ramel’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, extensive leadership and supervisory training, expertise in planning and scheduling, PMC supervisory skills, and comprehensive training in operation and maintenance.