We are excited to share our experiences from the Advancing Data Center Construction 2023 event, held in the USA from November 6-8, 2023.

The pressure to increase data center capacity shows no signs of abating, with industry forecasts suggesting an average growth rate of 12-14% per year in the coming years. This event was a critical opportunity for our team to explore new ways to meet this demand, navigate ongoing supply-chain disruptions, address growing labor shortages, and meet increased demands for sustainability and technological complexity.

The Advancing Data Center Construction conference brought together designers, contractors, and industry professionals to evolve service offerings, engage in cross-industry cooperation, and deepen their understanding of new technologies. It was an invaluable platform for us to demonstrate our value as a partner to clients and stay competitive in this demanding environment.

We look forward to implementing the insights and strategies gained from this event to further enhance our projects and collaborations.